Iron Cast Teapot Red "Changbai Velvet" - 700ml

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Teapot | Iron | Changbai

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Iron Cast Teapot Red - Changbai Velvet

Teapot cast iron japanese-style color-red, of course, "mellow", and with the glass infuser into the net.

Capacity: 700ml

Please note: coffee pots and Cast-Iron are made for centuries in almost unchanged form. Today, it is not possible to say whether they have come from as far away as China or Japan. All the cakes, cast-iron, are very elaborate; most items are from the designer to the highest standard. The material has many favorable characteristics; The cast iron stays hot for a long time, a warmer is hardly necessary, although it of course raises the visual effect.

The production has remained the same for centuries, and it is very intensive in manpower. Have a taste of how much craft goes into each and every tea in our directory in the production of the teapot from the cast iron.

How to use:

Place boiling water inside a pot and wait for 1 to 2 minutes, until the iron is hot.

Pour the water from the pot, and fill it again with Hot water.

To Prepare your tea using a cup infuser.

In this way, you will guarantee that your tea will stay hot for a long time, preserving all its qualities and aromas of the

This tea is not to be used on the stove, in the fire.


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