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Yogi Tea Women's Tea Organic – 17 Bags

Femininity is full of inspiration – it is multifaceted and infinitely beautiful. Its unique capabilities and diverse possibilities resonate in this tea: Mild camomile gives a sense of sanctuary, while comforting angelica root, ginger and orange peel inspire creativity and a pioneering spirit. A tea brimming with love!

Ingredients: Ginger, orange peel, cinnamon, fennel, chamomile flowers, dandelion, barley malt, liquorice, orange oil, black pepper, juniper berries, cardamom, cloves, angelica root extract. All ingredientes from organic farming and certified.

The tea for everyone who believes in goodness.

One of the main ingredients:

Chamomile Flowers – It was sacred for the Teutons and the flower of Sun God Ra for the Egyptians: the white feathered chamomile with its brilliant yellow petals. Chamomile is a herbaceous plant, the typical fragrance of which everyone knows. Its flowers taste slightly bitter and pleasantly mild.

Brewing Suggestions:

Pour 250 ml of freshly boiled water (100º) over the teabag. Allow to infuse for 5 to 6 minutes, or longer for a stronger flavour.

Yoga for Vitality – Life Nerve Stretch:

Sit on a pad or rug, stretching your legs out in front of you. Lean forward to hold onto your big toes, ankles, or legs with your hands, so that the legs are straight. As you exhale, stretch forward and down from the pelvis. As you inhale, stretch upright with a straight spine and neck. Continue moving slowly and carefully, practising for 1-3 minutes with a powerful slow breath.

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