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Tealini Box with 8 Blooming Teas

Get your Tealini Box with 8 Blooming Teas from the German brand Creano. Each Flowering Tea Ball is composed of pure White Tea leaves and flowers that sprout when submerged in hot water. This opening will awaken all your senses, providing you with a magical, unique, and unforgettable moment. All 8 Flowering Tea Balls originate from the most mountainous areas of Fujian province in China. Enjoy every floral moment with those you love most, and share your experience!

The well-known Abloom Tea is available in a practical format to be used in a cup, glass, or mug. The preparation of each Flowering Tea Ball is similar to the tea bag, but the allure of the moment is incomparable.

Units: 8 Blooming Teas Tealini.

Box Composition: 4 Blooming Teas Tealini with two units each.

Tealini Collection Blooming Teas:

1) Vanilla Blooming Tea Pearl – White tea with silver tips with a delicate Calendula flower and natural Vanilla aromas;

2) Jasmine Blooming Tea Pearl – White tea with silver tips with delicate Jasmine flowers and natural Jasmine aromas;

3) Lemon Blooming Tea Pearl – White tea with silver tips with a delicate Yellow Rose and natural Lemon aromas;

4) Peach Blooming Tea Pearl – White tea with silver tips with a delicate Red Rose and natural Jasmine and Peach aromas.

Origin: Fujian, China.


Abloom tea is one of China's rarest and most valuable products. Most of the practices applied to this tea are travelled manually. Its preparation is conceived by masters who have the gift of binding the dry leaves of white tea. This care gives White Tea a high amount of polyphenols. The Abloom Tea is a line of products by the Creano brand that is considered a product of excellence not in its range of functions, but also in appearance. These are teas that follow a rigorous certification process from start to finish. Worldwide, White Tea is one of the best teas consumed due to its nutritive capacity.

As a rule, the White Tea harvest takes place in spring, being, firstly, the most powerful in terms of flavour and quality. Specifically, Abloom tea contains antioxidant properties that contribute to the protection of vital functions. In general, White Tea may contribute to the improvement of digestion and intestinal flora. It can also promote the reduction of accumulated fats, and cholesterol and act as a purifier body.

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Caixa Tealini com 8 Flores de Chá

Constança Roque

Entrega muito rápida!

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