Tealini Box with 8 Blooming Teas

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Peach | Jasmine | Vanilla | Lemon

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Tealini Box with 8 Blooming Teas

The revolutionary novelty lies in the combination of cup-portioned

AbloomTea with integrated cotton thread for easy handling, like a tea bag.

The flower Tealini

A Tealini is a finely flavoured AbloomTea (flowering tea) in a format specially developed for use as a cup portion. A Tealini is AbloomTea, which can be easily handled like a tea bags. Inside the ball there is an artful bound exotic flower. But the ball unfolds its secret in the first place, when placed in a cup of boiling hot water.

The experience

The AbloomTea offers the connoisseur an extraordinary experience: in the Inside the sphere there is an artistically integrated exotic Blossom. However, the ball only unfolds its secret when it is placed in a container with boiling hot water. It begins to open slowly and produces the embedded blossom at the end of the infusion production, which emerges from it rich in form and colour. Almost all of this tea is handmade. Only a few so-called Master binderesses reserve the right to use the dried white leaves to bind teas to a spherical shape, because the knowledge about this rare art is strictly guarded. Thus the AbloomTea remains a valuable rarity.

The Preparation

Step 1: Boil up water and put into cup immediately. …and I’ll give you a little more. Please note: In contrast to the green tea preparation here is the Use of boiling hot water necessary to achieve an optimal opening of the AbloomTealini.

Step 2: AbloomTealini carefully into the water and marvel…

Step 3: Please indicate the recommended. Observe drawing time of 6-8 minutes. 2-3 infusions are possible, which can be will vary in intensity of taste.

The grades / Variations

Jasmine Heaven (White Tea with Jasmine Flowers & Jasmine Flavor)
Peach Pearl (White Tea with Rose Blossoms Damascena, Jasmine & Peach Flavor)
Vanilla Shine (White Tea with Calendula & vanilla flavouring)
Lemon Pearl (White Tea with Rose Blossoms Centifolia, Jasmine & Citrus Flavor)

The ingredients

White tea (min. 95%), flowers (1-5%) of rose (Damascena), marigold,
rose (centifolia), jasmine, aroma (peach, vanilla, jasmine, lemon).

The content

8 Creano AbloomTealini in 4 variations, net weight approx. 80g

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