Paper Tea Filters size XL - 60 Units

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Filters for Tea | Disposable | Practical

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Paper Tea Filters size XL

Box with 60 individual Units.

Our filters biodegradable paper, made on the basis of pulp from Abaca (also known as banana flower), are chlorine free and colas.

Tab for Easy filling, so you can prepare your tea free from dirt and base expandable that allows the total opening of the tea leaves

The paper boxes have a large opening so that you can take your filters conveniently. In addition, the boxes can be closed again thanks to your system "reclosable"

FILTER SIZE XL - Ideal for preparing herbal teas or infusions of loose-leaf, in containers with a capacity of up to 2.7 l or up to 12 cups, without releasing any residues of tea to the water.

Measures of the filters: Length 205 mm X Width 105mm

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Excelente produto

Costumo utilizar estes filtros para infusionar rooibus e outras infusões de folha mais miúda. Têm qualidade e aconselho.

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