Glass Teapot Jumbo with infuser - 1.5L

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Glass Teapot | Infuser | 1.5 liters

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Glass Teapot Jumbo with infuser - 1.5L

The new complete teapot in XXL size with integrated Stainless steel filter and glass lid: extra large, universal, elegant and clean, without dripping – these are the versatile attributes of the Creano glass teapot jumbo:

The production takes place exclusively on the basis of high-quality
Materials: the teapot with glass lid is made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass. The removable filter consists of high quality stainless steel. A decorative silicone loop on the lid allows an easy handling without burning your fingers!

Teas of all kinds, whether loose tea, AbloomTealini Jumbo, tea roses or Teabags, are easy to use in the glass teapot “Jumbo” 1.5l to prepare the food delicately. For the use on a teapot, in which Dishwasher and microwave suitable.

The handling

1. Possible handling: Guse as jug with filter (After the tea has brewed, remove the cover and remove the filter. Then insert the cover and remove the filter back to the opening of the glass teapot.

2. possible handling: Kanne without filter for AbloomTea-Jumbo, tea bag (Remove the tea bag before use) infuse the stainless steel filter and place the lid into the can opening on)

The content

1 Creano glass teapot “Jumbo” 1,5l

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Excelente produto e rapidissimos na entrega.

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