Chamomile Tea: Healthy Benefits, Side Effects and Preparation 

Matricaria Recutita is a specie of aromatic and medicinal plant in the Asteraceae family. Chamomile contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiseptic, healing, analgesic and digestive properties. Its use is common for the treatment of gastrointestinal inflammation, colic, indigestion, morning sickness and fever.

Chamomile tea is an excellent choice for children under 6 years who suffer from hyperactivity or excessive nervousness. This easy adhesion on the part of the younger ones will be directly related to the pleasantly sweet and intense aroma of the chamomile flowers applied in infusion. Originally from North Africa and Southern Europe, this versatile plant can be used as a natural flavouring for cosmetics and food products.

There are several benefits associated with chamomile Tea. From the regulation of sleep to the treatment of eczema when applied externally with compresses. Chamomile tea relaxes muscles and boosts immunity. However, there is much more to say about this powerful plant. Continue reading this article and discover more benefits of chamomile tea. Good reading!

Chamomile Tea

Benefits of Chamomile Tea

According to historical records, chamomile may have existed since Greek antiquity, more than two thousand years ago. Being one of the oldest medicinal plants used by man as a natural treatment to relieve the symptoms of various diseases. The benefits of Matricaria Recutita are so numerous that it is a frequent target of various scientific investigations focused on the potential of the active principle in its flowers.

Chamomile tea is known for its tonic-digestive and intestinal potential. This is because chamomile has properties that can promote the proper functioning of digestion through its action in reducing stomach acidity. By contributing to gastric well-being, it positively influences intestinal flora. Therefore, consuming chamomile tea can be an excellent option for the treatment of stomach and intestinal diseases. In addition to helping to stimulate appetite.

You can consume chamomile tea for the following situations: diarrhoea, menstrual cramps, allergic reactions, muscle pain, hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes, lack of concentration, insomnia, low immunity, cold, and flu. This tea can promote muscle relaxation through its anti-inflammatory and calming action, simultaneously boosted by the stability of the nervous system. This double effect may influence the improvement of sleep quality and mood.

Chamomile Tea for Insomnia

Matricaria Recutita may also contribute to the production of beneficial protective enzymes for the normal functioning of pancreatic and brain functions. In addition to promoting hormonal regulation, chamomile tea can increase and reinforce defences due to the high quantity of iron and vitamins in its nutritional composition.

In the case of diabetics, chamomile tea may influence the reduction and control of blood sugar levels. In addition, it may prevent the development of adverse complications that may destabilize blood glucose and contribute to insulin production. Possibly, it is in autumn that chamomile tea is most talk due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic potential. Interconnected will be its action in increasing body temperature, warming you up on the coldest days.

This natural formula is often associated with longevity due to its multiple actions for your physical and mental well-being.

Chamomile Flowers

How to prepare Chamomile Tea

To prepare this tea, you should start by applying one tablespoon of chamomile flowers in a litre of water (1L) boiled. Then cover the container and let it rest for about 4 to 5 minutes. Finally, strain it and let it cool down a bit. It is recommended to take 2 to 3 cups a day, after meals and before sleep.

The consumption of chamomile tea is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women due to its anti-clotting action. This indication is also suitable for people who take anti-coagulant medication daily.

Here, we wish you a great day in the company of the best teas, and until the next article!

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