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Yogi Tea Licorice Organic

Our Yogi Tea Licorice is an infusion of natural compound ingredients with 100% organic on the box of 17 bags of 1.8 g of tea in each of them.

Ingredients: Liquorice (38%), cinnamon bark, orange peel (8%), ginger root, cardamom (4%), roasted chicory, cloves, orange oil, ground black pepper, and vanilla extract.

All ingredients are organic certified.

Liquorice has a long tradition in Ayurveda. But we don’t have to look too far into the past to take particular joy in this tea: its sweet, mildly spicy fragrance is already enough to take us back to happy childhood days and inspire ideas and a spirit of adventure. The flavour experience is rounded off with cardamom and orange peel, grounding us with a sense of comfort.

The tea for everyone who likes it sweet.

Brewing Suggestions: Pour 280 ml of freshly boiled water over the teabag. Allow to infuse for 7 minutes or longer for a stronger flavour. Add milk or milk substitute and sweetener to taste.

The Yogi Tea® has a wide variety of herbal organic which is based on the philosophy of the ayurvedic which is that of the healing of the body, it resides in the mind and in the mind.

The herbal teas Yogi Tea®has to have complex aromas and flavors of exotic and natural plants and spices, organic they help to restore balance to the body, mind, and spirit, and to live in harmony with nature and the environment.

In these times of fast-paced, it's not always easy to eat balanced meals, and getting and so a YOGI TEA made with this composition and uses of medicinal plants-free-to help you regain your inner balance, making this one of infusion, medicinal, delicious, relaxing, and being suitable for any time of the day as it contains caffeine.

Note: Contains liquorice, so that the people who are suffering from high blood pressure should avoid excessive consumption.

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