Teaset Abloom - 1 Teapot + 6 Blooming Teas

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Teaset Abloom - 1 Teapot + 6 Blooming Teas

The experience

The AbloomTea offers the connoisseur an extraordinary experience: Inside the ball is an artfully integrated exotic flower. However, the ball only unfolds its secret when it is placed in a container with boiling hot water. It begins to open slowly and, at the end of the infusion production, produces the embedded flower, which rises out of it rich in form and colour.
Almost everything on this tea is handmade. Only a few so-called master binderesses reserve the right to bind the dried leaves of the white tea into a spherical shape, because the knowledge of this rare art is strictly guarded. Thus the AbloomTea remains a valuable rarity of China.

The White Tea

The AbloomTea consists exclusively of the white tea “Yin Zhen”, which is also called “Silver Needle”. The name (silver needle) derives from the silvery silvery shimmering hair of its leaf tips. Because of its velvety soft and very mild taste and its unmistakable light aromas, this white tea is one of the finest teas in the world.
Only the unopened, particularly aromatic shoots of the “Big White Tea Bush”, which is growing in China, are used. This tea is hand-picked and produced very gently. Thus it retains a relatively high proportion of polyphenols. The mild tasting Weie tea, like the black and green teas, contains tea.

The preparation

Step 1: boil water and put it immediately into a glass carafe. Please note: In contrast to green tea preparation, the use of boiling hot water is necessary to ensure optimum opening of the AbloomTea balls.
Step 2: Carefully add the AbloomTea ball to the water and be amazed…
Step 3: Please observe the recommended brewing time. 2-3 infusions are possible, which will vary in taste intensity.

The varieties / Variations

White Affair (White Tea with Jasmine Flower String)
Solstice (White tea with marigold blossoms)
Silver wedding (White tea with jasmine flower arch)
flower rain (White tea with rose flowers (Centifolia))
Gold Queen (White tea with marigold flowers and peony)
Juweltröpfchen (White Tea with Rose Flowers (Damascena) and Jasmine)
The ingredients

White Tea (min. 95%), flowers (1-5%) of peony, marigold, rose (Damascena, jasmine, rose (Centifolia)

flowering tea contains tea. Store in a cool and dry place

The Creano AbloomTea pot

The Creano glass teapot was specially developed for traditional and conventional tea preparation and is unique in this form. The special requirements that this teapot must meet in order to meet the optical and taste requirements of a real tea connoisseur to 100% have been taken into account during production. The dimensions and shape of the teapot create a noble and attractive design, which is not only appealing, but also functional. Their individually adapted capacity contributes to the refinement of the noble and optimal taste. The Creano glass teapot is perfectly suited for regular teas of all kinds (herbal tea, fruit tea, green tea, black tea), and due to its magnifying glass effect it is also unique for our AbloomTea tea roses and refines their taste in an individual way due to its optimal conditions.


- 1 Elegant Creano glass teapot, handmade, approx. 500ml capacity
- 6 AbloomTea balls in 6 different varieties

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