Picão Preto (Bidens pilosa L.)

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Hepatoprotector | Heal gastric | Ulcers

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Bidens pilosa - Picão Preto

Ingredients: 100% Bidens pilosa L., plant.

Properties: Hepatoprotector, helps to heal gastric ulcers. In external use it can be applied on wounds helping to heal

The Biendes pilosa is one of the medicinal plants that has its effect recognized by ANVISA Brazil.

Bidens pilosa or black pickle is a plant species of the family Asteraceae. It is considered a weed in some tropical habitats. However, some parts of the world are used as food. The Brazilian Ministry of Health has announced that it may be approved as having phytotherapeutic properties.

Preparation mode: 4g of the plant to 300ml of water. Must be consumed 3 to 4 times a day

Contraindications: It should not be consumed by pregnant women and infants. Use for periods longer than 10 days in a row is discouraged. If you have low iron levels, consult your therapist before taking tea.


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