Matcha Tea Set Premium

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Matcha | Chawan | Chasen | Chashaku

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Matcha Tea Set Premium

Set consisting of:

Japanese Green Tea Matcha Bio
Weight: 70grs
Validity: Minimum of 1 year.
Made in Japan.

Chawan - Ceremonial cup for preparation of matcha tea
Material: 100% Japanese ceramic.
Made in Japan.
Dimensions: D11cm x A7,5cm

Chasen - Ceramic brush for matcha tea preparation
Material: 100% bamboo with 80 tips.
Made in Japan.
Dimensions: D5cm x A11cm

Chashaku - Bamboo dozen for preparation of matcha tea
Material: 100% bamboo.
Made in Japan.
Dimensions: C16cm x L1,6cm

Method of preparation:
Put hot water in the ceremonial bowl.
Once the bowl is hot, pour the water and wipe it with a cloth.
Put 1 Matcha cup in the cup.
Add water between 70 and 80 o C so the powder is covered.
Stir vigorously in Back-and-forth movements until all the powder is diluted and foam is created.
Add more water and enjoy.

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Kit muito completo

Tanta delicadeza num kit, desde a taça aos acessórios em bambu feitos com a maior delicadeza. Provei o matcha pela primeira vez e adorei! Muito diferente do que estamos habituados, mas uma surpresa agradável para os verdadeiros apreciadores de chá.

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