Kukicha Japanese Green Tea

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Kukicha | Japan Tea | Alkaline

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Kukicha Japanese Green Tea

Ingredients: 100% Tencha green tea.

Kukicha is made from the leaves and stems of the Gyokuro crop and also known as "3 Year Tea" due to the fact that the oldest tea leaves (3 years old) are used. It has a light and refreshing taste and a slightly yellowish colour, a good Kukicha has its own flavour compared to Chinese Oolong and contains very little Tein.
It is by far the most commonly used tea for macrobiotics in the world; the name "Three Years" comes from the fact that in this tea they use the older leaves (3 years old) of the tea plant; is the cheapest drink in the East but is at the same time healthier.
Kukicha was released in the West by the philosopher George Ohsawa and is a great tea for everyday use; since it contains virtually no caffeine, can be used by both adults and children. The Three Year Tea has an alkalizing effect and consequently strengthens us and refreshes us when tired. In the case of insomnia it has a sedative effect; can relieve nausea and gastritis.
It is an excellent daily drink for people with nephritis (kidney infection), bladder infections, neurasthenia, cardiovascular disease, indigestion and general fatigue.
Method of Preparation: Use one tablespoon for one litre of water (if the flavour is too strong for you, you can use less tea) and after raising boil let bubble for about 10 minutes. You can reuse the sheets if you wish.
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