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Iron Cast Teapot "Jixian" - 1100ml


Black | Infuser | Jixian

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Iron Cast Teapot "Jixian" - 1100ml

We present the Japanese-style Cast Iron "Jixian" Teapot with stainless steel infuser cup. Prepare your infusion quickly, simply and with quality in a heat-resistant, insulating and durable teapot.

Material: Cast iron with enamel coating

Colour: Black

Capacity: 1100ml

Infuser material: Stainless steel

This iron cast teapot is made in a unique, solid and fancy design with a stainless steel filter and a capacity of 1100ml. Of Japanese origin, the manufacture of the "Jixian" in cast iron allows it to withstand high temperatures through the gradual and uniform heating of the water deposited inside. At the same time, it will improve the flavour quality of the tea. Easy to use, clean and store, the inside of the "Jixian" teapot is black and 100% enamelled to preserve the tea's original flavour, protecting it from impurities. Thus, preventing rust. It also has a bendable and curved handle that facilitates the application of the infusion in cups or glasses.

For water heating, you can heat the water in another container, and only after it has boiled you should put it in the teapot. In this way, you will be able to preserve your interior from possible damage. As a rule, cast iron teapots are considered the best support for preparing various types of tea. The infuser that comes with it promotes the separation of the tea leaves with the water. When washing the infuser, you only need to apply water.

It is the ideal gift for lovers of simple herbal teas, tea flowers, teas in sachets and fruit teas. For all those who admire the natural and pure side of life, focus on environmental well-being. Cast iron teapots allow the consumption of a superior quality tea due to its positive influence on chloride absorption in the water. The release of iron (a chemical element) is beneficial for our defences. You can use the "Jixian" teapot as a decorative element.

Curiosity: The name "Jixian" is inspired by the Jixian region belonging to Shuangyashan in China. This teapot reflects the immensity of extravagant, unique, and magnificent places in Jixian that will take you on a memorable journey of diverse aromas and flavours.

Usage mode:

First: Put boiled water inside the teapot and wait 3 minutes for the inside to gradually heat up;

Second: Remove the water you applied and fill it again with boiled water;

Third: Prepare the desired quantity of tea that you intend to use and apply it inside the infuser;

Fourth: Cover the teapot and let the infusion rest for the necessary period. You will ensure that your tea stays hot longer, preserving all its qualities, from colour to taste.

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