The Best Christmas Teas To Offer

One month until Christmas! We are already counting down to this magical day, and you? This Christmas 2022, we expect to be present at many Christmas parties through our magnificent Christmas teas. It's just a short jump from here to Christmas and if you haven't got into the Christmas spirit yet, we recommend taking 5 minutes to listen to our 11 Christmas song suggestions. The month of December has not arrived yet, but the truth is that we are already thinking about it.

This year we are committed to presenting different suggestions for Christmas tea so that the Christmas spirit invades your home. Find your favourite Christmas tea to offer your loved ones and get inspired by them for a Christmas Eve full of magic. A range of original Christmas teas will awaken your senses and take you on a journey to Lapland.

Discover your Christmas tea in the best Christmas teas that we have to offer! Also, check out our Christmas song suggestions to get you into the Christmas spirit. Are you ready?

Christmas Tea

Have you been looking for a Christmas tea for a long time and can't find it?

This Christmas 2022, transform your Christmas Eve into the company of the best Christmas tea we have for you! If you still haven't found your Christmas tea, don't waste any more time and check out our magical suggestions:

Christmas Dream Fruit Tea

This Christmas 2022, our dear Christmas Dream Fruit Tea is one of the great Christmas novelties. Full of incomparable flavours, this Christmas infusion is the picture of the Christmas Eve. Live this Christmas dream through this mixture of natural ingredients such as: rosehip, hibiscus, toasted apple pieces and almond pieces. It is also flavoured with natural Christmas elements that are the secret of the house. Curious to try it?

Christmas Herbal Tea

Get inspired by our Special Christmas Tisana and surprise your loved ones. This delicious Christmas infusion is made with the most beloved Christmas ingredients: lemon balm leaves, linden leaves, mint leaves, mulberry leaves, hibiscus, rosehip peel, cinnamon pieces and thistle blossoms. Intensely accompanied by natural aromas of almond, lemon and cinnamon. A truly irresistible formula!

Wonderful Christmas Herbal Tea

Our Wonderful Christmas Herbal Tea is a wonderful fruit infusion flavoured with cinnamon, cardamom, and a pleasant red rose floral note. This powerful Christmas tea is composed of ingredients such as apple pieces, black currants, hibiscus flowers, elderberries, orange peels, red rose petals and marigold petals with natural aromas of cinnamon and cardamom. Enrich your senses and feel in wonders tasting the best Christmas teas.

Christmas Magic

Rooibos Merry Christmas

If you want to offer a Christmas box, our Rooibos Merry Christmas is a great Christmas suggestion. A perfect combination of rooibos with an incredible Christmas touch. Let yourself be carried away by this delicious rooibos-based blend with pieces of apple, dates, cinnamon, caramel and white sugar stars. This Christmas tea is further flavoured with cinnamon and crème brûlée. Invest in gifts that allow you to experience unique and unforgettable moments.

Christmas Herbal Tea Blend

Let yourself be enchanted by our Christmas Herbal Tea Blend, an authentic contemplation of nature. Delight yourself with this true picture of nature full of Christmas flavours and aromas. It is composed of natural ingredients such as hibiscus, apple pieces, carrot pieces, rosehips, mango pieces, lemongrass, orange peels, nettle leaves, mandarin peels, mulberry leaves, red rose petals, safflower petals, marigold flowers, red rose buds, blue mallow petals, blue cornflower petals. It is further complemented by the natural aromas of strawberry and orange.

Yogi Tea Christmas Organic - 17 Bags

For the Yogi Tea® brand, “Christmas is a time of gratitude and giving”. This Christmas 2022, it is committed to “doing something good” through its support of the “Nevandra Association (non-profit) that offers children in India access to education and a roof over their heads”. This project called “Education - The Key For A Bright Future” is very familiar to Yogi Tea®. Most of its ingredients are grown in this region, hence its importance.

Yogi Tea Christmas Organic was born out of the duty to say 'thank you'. It is composed of rooibos, cinnamon, liquorice, coriander, honeybush, orange peel, cloves, black pepper, anise, dried lemon juice, star anise, cardamom, roasted chicory, lemon, orange oil and cinnamon oil.

Christmas Eve

Santa Claus Fruit Tea

Our Santa Claus Fruit Tea is another one of our delicious offers for this Christmas. A wonderful infusion based on Christmas ingredients such as hibiscus, currants, dried grapes, elderberries, blackberries, strawberries, cherries, and raspberries with aromas of vanilla and cherry. An authentic Christmas infusion inspired by Christmas classics.

Christmas Tea - Snow in the Mountains

For this Christmas 2022, you can also enjoy our magnificent and intense Christmas Tea - Snow in the Mountains. A delicious blend of green tea with the natural aromas of roasted apple and the Christmas touch of fir leaves. Enjoy this Christmas herbal tea flavoured with cinnamon, granulated nougat and green sugar trees.

Rooibos Gourmet Almond and Cinnamon

If you want a bolder Christmas formula, you can opt for our exquisite Rooibos Gourmet Almond and Cinnamon. This Christmas suggestion is composed of rooibos, apple pieces, rosehips, almond pieces and cinnamon full of natural aromas of lemon. Try it!

Christmas Songs

Still not in the Christmas spirit?

Calm down, we haven't even reached the month of December, but we've already gone further. If you're having a hard time getting into the holiday spirit, we've got some holiday song suggestions that will help you with this task. In addition to drinking Christmas teas and infusions, we believe that choosing a playlist is fundamental. Dedicate some time to this very special season and listen to our suggestions for Christmas songs:

1) Gloria in Excelsis Deo;

2) Jingle Bells;

3) Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You;

4) We Wish You a Merry Christmas;

5) Holly Jolly Christmas;

6) Last Christmas;

7) Santa Tell Me;

8) Let It Snow;

9) The First Noel;

10) White Christmas;

11) Silver Bells.

Offer your Christmas tea and say 'thank you'. After all, Christmas is Love. Until the next article!

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