Healthy Benefits of Green Tea 

Green tea is produced from the “Camellia sinensis” leaves. Green tea is known as one of the best coffee substitutes because it contains a high quantity of caffeine that can help with energy renewal. Due to its anti-inflammatory property, it can also contribute to the prevention of treatment of internal and external inflammation.

The famous “Camellia sinensis” contains a high content of amino acids, vitamins B and E, and even mineral salts such as calcium, magnesium and iron. Green Tea is an excellent ally for your physical and mental well-being due to its diuretic, stimulant, antioxidant and hypoglycemic properties.

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Healthy Benefits of Green Tea

Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is a powerful natural formula with a strong and bitter taste with many health benefits. It is currently the second most consumed beverage in the world ahead of the water. Although it is a popular product, the truth is that not all green tea sold is of adequate quality. The best green tea leaves are harvested in China, Japan and India. This quality is acquired through a meticulous process.

Full of anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties, the consumption of green tea may contribute to the improvement of brain activity and, at the same time, prevent degenerative diseases. This double neuroprotective effect can promote good mood, increase concentration and decrease the effects of nervousness. In addition, it may influence the reduction of stroke risk. All these effects of Green Tea are promoted by caffeine which helps in better cognitive performance, allowing an increase in life expectancy.

About its diuretic property, this tea can help to reduce and eliminate accumulated liquids in the body and reduce body swelling. That's why green tea is one of the favourite teas for people who want to lose weight or lose weight. But does green tea make you lose weight? The reality is that its consumption can indirectly promote satiety. Therefore, it is an excellent ally in the weight loss process.

In addition to its contribution to weight loss, green tea can promote the neutralization and elimination of free radicals that harm the health of your skin. This fight will make it possible to reduce the sagging of the skin, and even delay its ageing. Part of this antioxidant action can be reconciled with the reduction of stress.

Benefits of Green Tea

Due to its antioxidant effect, the consumption of green tea can contribute to the relaxation of blood vessels and, at the same time, to the improvement of blood circulation. As for its antimicrobial property, green tea may promote the elimination of bacteria that harm the intestinal flora.

All these properties together may contribute to the proper functioning of cardiovascular function and the strengthening of the immune system. In addition, they may promote increased physical performance and body energy. Also, can help digestion.

During the consumption of green tea, you must practice a healthy lifestyle based on a balanced diet and daily exercise. During the weight loss process, the consumption of three cups of green tea a day can contribute to the burning 100 extra calories (approximate value).

When green tea is consumed in excess can impair kidney function. In addition, consumption of green tea is contraindicated for people suffering from hypertension, chronic anxiety and cardiac arrhythmia. It is recommended to consume a maximum of 3 to 4 cups of green tea, before or after the main meals, to allow the correct absorption of nutrients. It is not recommended to consume green tea before bedtime due to its strong influence on increasing body energy. Make it a point to consume a cup first thing in the morning, shortly after waking up.

Types of Green Tea

Worldwide, the following types of green teas are produced:

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