Borututu Tea Bark: the best ally for liver and gallbladder cleanse

Originally from Africa, Borututu is strongly known for its action on the proper functioning of the stomach, liver, gallbladder, kidneys, and bladder. Borututu root is an effective solution in detoxifying the body, making it a great ally in weight reduction. It is used to prevent gastroenteritis, jaundice, herpes, hepatitis, kidney stones and colitis. This solution that reminds us of African heat is extracted from a plant scientifically named “Cochelospermum Angolense” from the Bixaceae family.

For several centuries, Borututu was used as a natural preventive and curative method against diseases that caused many deaths in Africa. Borututu root contains the following active ingredients: quinones, catechins, phenols, and flavonoids.

Discover the Borututu Tea Bark, the best ally of the liver and gallbladder cleanse. Enjoy your reading!


Borututu Root Tea: Detox

According to a study carried out by the University of Salamanca, Borutututu is an important source of phytochemicals with antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.  Hence, it is recognized as an excellent natural method in the prevention of chronic diseases. Experts recommend consuming two cups of Borututu Tea daily, one before breakfast and the second before dinner.

The infusion of Borututu Bark positively impacts our organism, especially in liver diseases (fatty liver and gallstones). Check out the main benefits of Borututu Root Tea:

1) Acts as a blood purifier;

2) It has a high antioxidant content;

3) Eliminates toxins from some foods and the environment;

4) Prevents the spread of toxic alcohol metabolism;

5) Protects various vital organs, preventing nutritional deficiency of the cells;

6) It is beneficial for people with high cholesterol, diabetics, and with skin problems such as herpes, among others. It also helps protect the kidneys, liver, and intestines through its cleansing action;

7) It has vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin PP and selenium;

8) Decreases symptoms of gastric discomfort after meals;

9) It has a diuretic action, acting in the elimination of fluid retention. Simultaneously, it promotes the reduction of belly swelling;

10) It regulates intestinal transit.

Borututu Bark

In addition to the existence of loose Borututu Tea, you can find it in sachets. Our Borututu is the key to achieving your renal and hepatic well-being. Its blood-purifying action can contribute to the normalization of blood pressure, reduce body swelling and improve blood circulation. It may also promote the proper functioning of the urinary system. Lately, Borututu Tea Bark has been mentioned as an aid in combating physical fatigue.

In colonial times, it was used as a natural protector to prevent the development of liver and kidney diseases. The tree has existed for hundreds of years in Africa, hence its familiar use in infusion by Angolans for the prevention and treatment of hepatitis. 

Although Borututu Tea has a great therapeutic capacity, its effect must be complemented with regular physical exercise and a healthy diet.


How to prepare Borututu Tea

To prepare Borututu Tea, you should start by applying 1 tablespoon of Borututu Bark to a litre of boiled water. Then, cover the container in which you have placed the water and leave it to infuse for about 5 to 10 minutes. Finally, strain it, let it cool down a little and consume it immediately. It is recommended to drink three cups a day, before each main meal.

The consumption of Borututu Tea is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women and toddlers. For best results, it is recommended to practice a healthy lifestyle in conciliation with a daily intake of this natural tea for a minimum period of 30 days.

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