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Aphrodisiac | Libido | Stimulant

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Aphrodisiac Tea Blend - Special formula made in Portugal by our company.

Ingredients: Catuaba, Marapuama, Damiana and Ginko Biloba.

Properties of Catuaba: it is used in traditional Brazilian medicine as an aphrodisiac and stimulant of the central nervous system and usually used for impotence, agitation, nervousness, neuralgia and tiredness, memory problems and sexual weakness. It stimulates sexual desire and increases libido in both men and women. It stimulates the blood flow to the genital organs, being able to fortify and prolong an erection, increasing the sexual excitement.

Properties of Marapuama: In South America it is considered a natural aphrodisiac, increasing libido. In Europe it is common to use this plant for cases of dysentery, cases of stress, fatigue, depression and memory loss. In Brazil there are also researches carried out with the extract of marapuama and catuaba for use in the fight against cellulite.

Properties of Damiana: widely used by people native to Central and South America due to their aphrodisiac effects. The Spanish missionaries were the first to note that the Mexican Indians drank Damiana's tea mixed with sugar to increase their sexual potency. The Aztec Indians also used it as a remedy against impotence and the Mayans for pleasure and encouragement, having been consumed as curative tea by Indians throughout South America.

Ginko Biloba Properties: Increases oxygen content in the blood

Suggested preparation: You should put two 2 tablespoons of tea in half a pint of boiled water for 15 minutes to get two cups of strong tea.

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